Key West Inns

Our List of Key West Seafood Restaurants

The closer to the ocean you go, the fresher the seafood is. Thanks to the close proximity to the coast, many restaurants serve the catch of the day in their dishes. That’s why you need to take advantage of the seafood in Key West during your time here.

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The Best Part of Key West in December

Although the southernmost tip of the United States is gorgeous all year round, Key West in December is especially wonderful. Hurricane season is over, and the spirit of the holidays has set in. The festive energy of the season is evident in the way we decorate the city, starting with the Key West Harbor Walk of Lights.

The Best Key West Coffee Shops

Caffeine lovers, rejoice: Key West has several coffee shops for you to discover while you’re visiting the southernmost point of the continental United States. Besides the pure joy of having lots of options, Key West coffee shops often have Cuban coffees on their menus—something that you can’t often find in other parts of the world. [...]

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