Caffeine lovers, rejoice: Key West has several coffee shops for you to discover while you’re visiting the southernmost point of the continental United States. Besides the pure joy of having lots of options, Key West coffee shops often have Cuban coffees on their menus—something that you can’t often find in other parts of the world. So, get your fill of cafe con leches and more while you’re staying here at the Paradise Inn by checking out these Key West coffee shops, as experiencing cuisine is a great way to get to know and discover a new vacation destination. 

How to Find Key West Coffee Shops 

Depending on your itinerary, you might only want to walk a few blocks to get your caffeine jumpstart for the day. Or, a coffee shop later in the day might mean you have extra time to kill, so a few additional blocks of walking won’t hurt. Perhaps, you want to have the largest selection of Cuban coffee available. Or, you’re just tired, and you want your plain old cup of joe. Whichever way you sway, we’ve got Key West coffee shops for everyone. 

Cuban Coffee Queen 

Cuban Coffee Queen in Key West is only a six-minute walk from the Paradise Inn, so if you need your quick fix, this could be a great place to go. Although, you could spend a lot of time here if you wish, as their long list of Cuban food items is tempting. Try traditional things like cheese toast, Cuban bread with guava, and the classic Havana rice and beans. 

Keys Coffee Co. 

This is the best coffee shop in Key West for health enthusiasts. In addition to nitro cold brew, they offer house-made kombucha and freshly squeezed juices like apple, orange, and carrots and celery. Some lesser-known Cuban coffee drinks like buchi (espresso brewed with sugar) and coconut breve are available in addition to breakfast croissant sandwiches, sunrise tacos, and more. 

Coffee Plantation Cafe

If you’re someone that wants something sweet to accompany their coffee, Coffee Plantation is your best bet. Try filled croissants, danishes, cookies, and even key lime pie with specialty drinks like a Cafe Almond Joy or a Cafe Tropical Macchiato. 

Key West Cuban Coffee Shop 

With the most extensive menu out of these Key West coffee shops, your coffee can accompany fajitas, bowls, omelets, quesadillas, Cuban sandwiches, and more. Although coffee doesn’t traditionally pair with these lunch and dinner foods, your love for Cuban coffee just might transcend typical combinations. 

Key West Inns 

A Cuban coffee crawl might be one of the most unique things to do in Key West and something especially memorable for coffee lovers. Luckily, most of these places have food too, so those who don’t like coffee can still tag along. Return from these Key West coffee shops and back to Paradise Inn on a caffeine high, and unwind poolside under the Florida sun. For more information about Paradise Inn, give us a call at 877-819-4622 or visit us on our website.