For many years, people have had a fascination with pirates and finding hidden treasures. One Key West man made finding the lost treasures off the coast his life mission, and now host an annual festival to celebrate his findings. This July, join us at The Paradise Inn for Mel Fisher Days and experience an event that would make a pirate swoon. 

The History of Mel Fisher Days

In 1985, Mel Fisher discovered the sunken treasure of the Spanish Galleon, Nuestra Senora de Atocha on July 20th. Commonly referred to as “The Atocha Motherlode,” the bounty of coins, jewelry, indigo, gold, silver, and bronze cannons was found by Fisher after spending 16 years scouring the ocean floor for signs of the ship. Though the most wealthy portion of the vessel, the stern is still missing, what Mel Fisher brought to the surface was estimated at $450 million! He was able to keep 75% of his bounty and made history that will not easily be forgotten. 

Take Part in the Festivities

In mid-July, the Mel Fisher Days celebration brings a number of paid and free events that are full of fun and laughter. There is a full schedule of events so that you can plan out each day and enjoy all of the happenings that take place. From treasure hunting ship tours to a dock party at Schooners Wharf, raffles, and auctions, there are endless activities to participate in and so much more to enjoy! All proceeds raised by the event are donated to the Wesley House Family Services, Inc. to help local families in need and give back to the community. 

Join in the Fun!

There is something for everyone at Mel Fisher Days, so join us at The Paradise Inn to experience it all first-hand. Dress like a pirate for the pirate costume contest or come as you are and have a blast. Get a great night’s rest in your cozy paradise accommodations and wake up each morning refreshed and ready to join in the fun at the festival! Get ready to have the time of your life, because this is one Key West event that you will not want to miss this summer!