You’ve finally married the love of your life, and now you’re ready to travel with them on your much-anticipated honeymoon. Key West is the perfect place to celebrate your love for each other, with beaches, reefs, and beautiful views many people only dream of. When it comes to your honeymoon, every part of it needs to be more than perfect, and a stay at The Paradise Inn will ensure that your visit to Key West is nothing short of a visit to paradise! 

The Paradise Inn is home to rooms that used to be the cottage homes of Florida cigar makers, and our surrounding gardens, Jacuzzi, and ideal location in Old Town Key West will make sure that you get the perfect Key West honeymoon for you and your favorite person to enjoy together.

With plenty of things to do nearby in Key West, you and your partner will have no trouble finding different ways to enjoy this beautiful beach city.

Under the Sea

Photo of a Woman Snorkeling on a Key West Honeymoon.With your proximity to the ocean when you stay at The Paradise Inn, you’ll surely want to spend a lot of your time on your Key West honeymoon enjoying the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily, there are plenty of Key West adventures that will allow you to not only explore the beach, but that will get you in the water with all of the diverse ocean life Key West has to offer. From snorkeling excursions that include views of the only living coral reef in America to diving excursions that will allow you to explore the world’s second-largest artificial reef, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get in the water with the sea life during your Key West honeymoon. 

Exploring the Waves

If you’d rather explore the surface of the ocean, there are plenty of options for ocean adventures during your Key West honeymoon that don’t involve diving beneath the water. And if you want a little bit of both, there are also Combo Water Adventures available, which allow you to snorkel as well as paddle a kayak, ride a jet ski, and more! Of course, there’s a little something for every type of honeymooner when it comes to a trip to Key West. For the thrill-seekers, hop on a jet ski and explore the ocean at top speeds, or, for a relaxing Key West adventure, take a guided kayak or paddleboard tour so that you and your partner can enjoy Key West’s peaceful waves.

Other Adventures

During your Key West honeymoon, you and your partner and likely to want to explore everything Key West has available, so luckily, there are more than plenty of opportunities to enjoy Key West’s diverse activities. From fishing excursions to sunset sailing tours, there are plenty of ways to explore Key West by boat. If boats aren’t quite your thing, you and your partner can enjoy a Jeep adventure, which will allow you to experience Key West’s beautiful natural landscape for everything it is. If you and your partner are known as the adventurous couple, you’re in luck! Key West offers amazing parasailing opportunities, allowing you to catch views of Key West, the Atlantic Ocean, and the beach from above.

A Key West Honeymoon at The Paradise Inn

From snorkeling and diving opportunities to a thrill-seeker’s dream of parasailing over the Atlantic Ocean, there are plenty of Key West activities that will make your Key West honeymoon everything you and your partner have always dreamed of. When you stay at The Paradise Inn, you’ll not only have access to all of these activities and more in Old Town Key West, but you’ll be sure to feel right at home in our boutique-style accommodations. From our beautiful rooms to our continental breakfast, The Paradise Inn will make sure that you two newlyweds will have the time of your lives when you visit Key West, making sure that this beautiful beach city becomes your go-to vacation spot for years to come.