Simple, elegant and tasteful is how to describe The Paradise Inn Key West. With such an iconic style we have some tips and tricks, so you to create The Paradise style.

Contemporary and classical influences meld with light oak, natural fibers, and marble. A hint of coastal feel through the touches of botanical prints and the soothing gold and beige compliments. The Paradise has a style that is polished with a carefree attitude bringing the Key West charm into the Inn in a classic way.


Choose colors that reflect your paradise. We start with a neutral palette; beige and white. These colors give the sense of space and airiness. Then from there add your accent colors. To get the coastal flair use pops of blue and green. If you want, you can go bold and use saturated blues and greens, but we like to keep the pops of color on the muted side to give a sense of peace and relaxation. Add some texture using seagrass wallpaper. This gives the earthy and coastal vibe without being too literal. If you want you can also add a complementary color such as coral. Using these colors will allow for a clean look and for other pieces to be the focal point such as the outdoors and furniture.


Furnishing your room with The Paradise style means having pieces that are comfortable and Inn Key Westaccommodate the activities in the area. For example, having cushy sofas and chairs with clean lines and an antique look will give the room character but still have it function for your family and guests. Rustic, light oak wooden pieces and wicker accents give you that island feel in a clean and contemporary way.


Use accessories to enhance and not take away from the design or clutter the space. Use white bedding to give the Inn Key Westroom a fresh look. Plush throw pillows give the bed a touch of color with the look of comfort. Wicker baskets provide functionality for throw blankets and storage. Antique lamps give that piece of character without dating the room. Rugs with straight contemporary lines in the beige family will add texture but not draw away from the other aspects of the room. Adding accessories that have a purpose is The Paradise style. Keep the room clean but add a few engaging pieces.

Everything about the space should have the same design aesthetic. Keep the furniture in the same color family, add a few accent colors, and keep it clean. We want people to stay at The Paradise Key West and feel as if they have stepped into a hidden gem but still be comfortable. It should look gorgeous, but a place people can stay and put their feet up. Each space should tell a story, and at The Paradise Inn, that is exactly what we did. Once old cigar makers cottages the property brings that sense of history and charm but in a contemporary way. See for yourself exactly what the Paradise style means and come to your hidden gem in Key West.