August brings the season of angling for spiny lobster and the Key West Lobsterfest. However, in October, Key West becomes a capital for Stone Crab as the official season opens for fishing. The Paradise Inn welcomes you to visit our beautiful Florida Keys home for another exciting season of stone crabs! Get comfortable in one of the best hidden-gem hotels in Key West and join in the crab frenzy!

Tis The Season

The Stone Crab Season runs from October 15th to May 15th each year and brings in yet another delectable seafood specialty for local businesses and restaurants. Though stone crab claws are not the easiest on the wallet, they are well worth it when you take a bite and discover how delicious stone crab dishes are. If you would like to get involved in harvesting stone crab claws rather than simply enjoying the bounty, make sure that you check in on the fishing regulations. Traps, measuring, and licenses are all things that you want to have knowledge on prior to heading out on a crabbing voyage. Knowing the rules and regulations will help you avoid running into trouble and have an enjoyable time out.

hotels in key westA Unique Way Of Fishing

Unlike the lobster fishing, when anglers harvest stone crab claws, they do not take the entire crab. Fishers use specially regulated traps that ensure that the crabs are not crushed or punctured during harvest so that they are not physically harmed in a life-threatening manner. Instead, the crabs are taken aboard the boat or dock and checked over. They are inspected for the orange sponge that females carry while carrying eggs and are measured to make sure that they fit regulations. Then, the claw itself is removed from the crab so that the crab may be released back into the water. Stone crabs regenerate their claws so if the removal is done correctly they may return to the water and continue to live under the waves.

Planning Out Your Adventure

During the stone crab season, it is the best time to visit Key West and enjoy the freshest crab dishes. So, stay with us at The Paradise Inn and find out why we are a fantastic choice when looking for hotels in Key West while finding the best stone crab dining in the Florida Keys. Set out for an adventure of fishing or enjoy all of the other magnificent things to do in Key West, Florida and tantalize your taste buds with freshly harvested stone crab claws!