There is nothing quite like feeling the ocean breeze and rocking over the saltwater waves. You can experience this every day when you stay in our Key West hotels and inns. The Paradise Inn is located near the heart of southernmost Key West, so there is optimal access to the water from all sides. Stay with us at The Paradise Inn and get out on the water to enjoy everything the area has to offer.

Take It All In

The best way to take it all in and see Key West’s surrounding waters is by taking a tour. There are a few different types of exciting tours available for every level of ability. Take a glass bottom boat or a charter out to The Dry Tortugas National Park. You can take a scuba class with places like Captain’s Corner Dive Center and take a dive to meet a few of our most bubbly residents. Many tours also offer snorkeling so you can experience the reef and some of our shallow water sea life.


The backwater mangroves are also extremely beautiful and full of vibrant tropical life. Take a kayak or paddleboard tour through the twisting waters of the mangroves. You could come across the friendly manatee and other incredible wildlife that calls Key West home.

A Faster Adventure

Key West Hotels and InnsIf you prefer a faster paced adventure and love a bit of a thrill, we have you covered. Companies like Fury Water Adventures have numerous outings that allow you to take it up a notch. Hop on a jet ski for a bit of racing across the surface of the sparkling blue waters. Strap in for a high flying adventure and parasail high over the waves. Climb aboard a banana boat and get pulled over the wakes and try to hold on for a wild ride behind a speeding boat.

Nothing Compares

With all of these incredible water activities, tours, and things to experience it is hard not to get excited about a trip to Key  West. Book a stay with our Key West hotels and inns like The Paradise Inn, so you have the best accommodations to top off an unforgettable trip. Key West is waiting for you! Are you ready? Give us a call at 817-819-4622, and we can help you start planning your own ocean excursion.