We all have that list of things we want to do in our lifetime. From traveling to facing your fears. Key West has been a bucket list destination for many years. With its fantastic weather and charming town, Key West is a hot spot for sightseeing and water activities. Whether you are visiting to say you have been to Key West or coming to face your fears of heights or water, The Paradise Inn Key West is here to help you rest after a day of excitement.


Face your fears of heights and soar above the crystal blue waters of Key West. Venture out on a twelve passenger boat and harness up. You will drift off the back of the boat into the air. Bring your support buddy along to hold your hand as you both fly above Key West. You can take a little dip in the water while you soar. See the sea life and Key West from a different view. This should be on everyone’s list to see the ocean in a new and fun way.

SnorkelingInn Key West

Set out on an excursion to North America’s only living coral reef. This is the time to check this one off the list as the coral reef is still alive and beautiful. You will take a boat out to the reef and jump in, to get an up close and personal view of this amazing reef.

Scuba diving

Never been scuba diving? There is no better place to start than Key West! Explore the reef or shipwrecks. See a different side of the world. Experience the water deep down and see amazing sea creatures and plant life. Scuba diving gives you a new perspective of what lies beneath the surface of the enormous bodies of water. You will want to keep adding scuba diving to your list because you will never want it to end.

Inn Key WestSwimming with dolphins

The warm waters of the Florida Keys are home to Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Experience these gentle creatures up close by swimming with them. Dolphins are smart and kind animals that will make your day. Swim and do tricks with them. Whether you are looking for a controlled environment or getting out on a boat to see them up close, your dream will come true when you visit Key West.

There are so many thrilling and exciting activities to add and check off your bucket list in Key West. Stay a week and accomplish everything on your list or at least a significant portion. At The Paradise Inn Key West, we want to make sure you are close to everything on your list and have a place to relax after all the adventures. That is why we are a block away from Duval Street and have cozy and lush rooms for you to rest your head.