Deep-sea fishing is the perfect activity for a Key West vacation, even if you have never fished before! Guides will bring you to some of the best fishing spots and give you everything you’ll need for a successful day of fishing, including tips and tricks. There are plenty of Key West fishing charters open year-round to bring you on the most fun and memorable fishing experience when you visit. You’ll reel in some big catches that you can’t find in a lake or river, including Blue Marlin, Yellowtail Snapper, and other massive fish. We put together a list of the best fishing excursions that fishing charters in Key West offer below!

Key West Fishing Charters: Our 3 Favorite Fishing Excursions

Through The Paradise Inn, booking a Key West fishing charter is made easy as we work with some of the best – Captain Conch Charters. Whether you want to be with just your group and have a private fishing experience, or you’re open to hanging out with other fishing enthusiasts, Captain Conch Charters has you covered. Below, you can learn more about the different options that Captain Conch Charters offers. 

  1. Private Charter: On the private charter excursion, you can fish for a full eight-hour day, a six-hour day, or a four-hour half-day, and prices will vary depending on how long you want to be out. You can go solo, with a friend, or bring up to six people. On the boat, you’ll be with the captain and his first mate, who will ensure that you have a safe day out on the water and help you out in any way you need while you fish. 
  2. Half-Day Split Charter: On a split charter excursion, up to six guests can go fishing. It’s a cheaper option than a private charter, and you can converse and have fun with new people! With two parties, the crew still does everything they can to ensure that everyone is reeling in some great catches, having fun, and staying engaged. Captain Conch Charters is known for being the best when it comes to split charters, so you’ll have fun no matter what you choose! 
  3. ¾ Day Split Charter: The ¾ Day Split Charter is essentially the same excursion as the half-day – you have the opportunity to meet others who are passionate about fishing, and the crew will make sure that everybody is involved while fishing and having a great time. The only difference is that instead of four hours, the ¾ Day Split Charter stays out for six hours! 

Immaculate Key West Lodging

Deep-sea fishing can be exhausting, especially when you’re doing it for four to eight hours. That’s why you’ll want to stay at The Paradise Inn – there’s no better place to come back to and relax and clean up before heading out to go to dinner or to be apart of the Key West Sunset Celebration. Our modern and beautiful guest rooms are some of the best in all of Key West, and we know you’ll want to keep coming back. Enjoy what we have to offer at The Paradise Inn, and give us a call at 877-819-4622 to book a room!