This December, Key West will be full of aqua cross fanatics and athletes from around the world for the AquaX World Championship. At this event, top qualifying racers will take their fastest jet skis and hit the water to take on some fierce competition. Check into one of the most beautiful Key West inns and hotels at The Paradise Inn for the perfect stay during the championship. With top-notch amenities and elegant rooms, you will be able to kick back in style after the races.

What Is AquaX?

There are people that just have a knack for going fast, and these athletes take theirs to the water. Aqua Cross is where athletes race each other at top speeds across the water on jet skis.  There are circuits throughout Europe, The United States, The United Kingdom where each competitor battles for ranks in their countries and the top qualifying racers from each area take each other on at the World Championship. AquaX is fast growing and added two new regions just this year. Competitors can compete in sprints or enduros for the quickest rides across the water.

The World Championship

After racing in places like Daytona Beach, Greenock, Torquay, and other areas across the western hemisphere, the top riders of 2017 find themselves in Key West for the final battle. It takes place on the weekend of December 9th and 10th for a full weekend of speed. Fans can meet their favorite athletes, and amateur riders will get the chance to test their skills as well.

The Best SeatsKey West Inns and Hotels

Watch each of these professional watercraft racers hit speeds of up to 70 mph and rip up the Atlantic waters with no admission fees from the shores of Key West. The events will take place offshore near the White Street Pier. You can find the best views from the corner of White Street and Atlantic Boulevard.

Relax In Style

After watching the day’s events and soaking up the Key West sun, kick up your feet or take a dip in the pool at The Paradise Inn. You will find rooms where classy meets comfort and rest up for another day of fun on the shores of the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean. Book your favorite Paradise Inn room to have a world-class stay during your AquaX World Championship adventure.